To expose to the right or not to expose to the right, that is the question! (dZoom post)

Good evening,

I had always heard that it is better to bring the histogram of a photography all the way to the right, obviously up to the limit where the lights start to get blown!

Well, I must say that I usually do not follow this advice, but I am pretty sure that I will from now on after having read a highly interesting post from dZoom, a great photography blog I recommend to anyone interested in the matter. Sadly for some people this blog is written fully in spanish, although nowdays we can easily translate entire websites to almost all language just by hitting a button in the internet explorer of your choice.

The post explains in a detailed manner the reasons why to expose to the right, with a bit of technical data and some examples. Give it a go and I believe you will get encouraged to try it out by yourself (as I just did) before you start applying the technique in all your new shots!

Hope you find it handy.

See you soon.