Finally it is time for a blog

Today is the day! Turning a bit philosophical I guess that eventually things that are meant to happen, just do happen! In this occasion I am talking about something as trivial as creating a blog to talk about stuff. Particularly I am going to talk about what I love doing the most in the world, PHOTOGRAPHY (capital letters required!).

But who is this guy I identify as “I”? Who am I? Well, my name is Mario Fernandez Perez. As it may result a bit shocking, yes I have 2 surnames because these are how many we have in the country I come from, Spain. I always have troubles in the United Kingdom when I say both surnames so that I tend to hide the second and identify myself as Mario Fernandez to get rid of any possible fuss. I gave already 28 laps around the 365 days´circuit of the year. Summarising, I love Photography, thing that is getting clear as I go, and clearer it will become as you read. I am electronics enginneer, carreer that I have always fancied since I was barely a child.

Now that you know my first surname, Fernandez, and that I love what I love, Photography you can have an idea of what I based in to choose my artistic name: MARIO PHOTOGRAPHEZ.

Photography is such a wide and extensive field that I also plan to talk (or should I say post) about a bunch of things that are implicitly or explicitly in relation with it. I will try to touch own personal experiences, photographic projects, professional part-time jobs I may carry out if I get lucky and get the momentum I need, publish news, show favourite pictures (mines and others) and in definitive trying to be as enjoyable and entertening as I possibly can.

For many many years this cyclical idea constantly showed up and faded down in my little brain (inside this rather big head, hehe). It has not been until tonight when I decided to give it a bit more importance, or priority, so that I listened to it and let that idea to lead me through the first steps. I look forward to updating the blog quite often.

Tomorrow I will resume with my second post, one interesting DIY job I have been working in this evening and is almost complete by now.

Good night

P.S.: As you can see I am not native english, far from that my english needs a lot of improving but this blog thing can also be a really good exercise for me and my english so a bit of patience would be much appreciated, hehehe.


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